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DOMESTIC Cleaning - Overview

Domestic cleaning in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire and the central core of Scotland is a large part of our business.

We can supply domestic cleaners to carry out your chores at a time that suits your busy lifestyle. Our cleaners are fully trained and experienced workers, fast and efficient in what they do and fully disciplined to provide domestic cleaning and ironing if required.

The backgrounds of each one of our cleaners is carefully checked to ensure that we only hire reliable and hard working individuals.

Our service is flexible and affordable & designed to meet your daily needs and facilitate your life on a day to day basis. We are professionals and we will take care of your chores.

In addition to daily contract cleaning, we also cover a wide range of other related cleaning services including all aspects of floor and carpet cleaning, window cleaning and waste disposal etc.

Our list of services is endless, please explore some of our more popular services using the links to the right hand side and if you do not find what you are looking for - all you need to do is contact us and tell us your requirements.

We will ten work out a tailor made, flexible service which allows you to concentrate on your life & not your chores.

Carpets & Floor Cleaning

Clean Scene Ltd was started as a business over 30 years ago, primarily for the Floorcare sector so you can be assured we know what we are talking about when it comes to cleaning floors!

Our team are fully trained and highly motivated in professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, steam cleaning and carpet stain removal and have provided this service all over Glasgow, Edinburgh and the rest of central Scotland.

Using our reliable system which has been perfected over a period of 30 years with a combination of heat, water pressure, detergents and vacuum, any surface can be thoroughly and deeply cleaned and sanitized with all debris being removed rather than simply moved around and then deposited again which is usually the case when using more conventional cleaning methods.

You can trust us to bring carpets & upholstery back to their original condition.

Whether its polishing and cleaning wooden flooring, Lino, Vinyl, laminate flooring, carpets and rugs…whatever the surface….we know what we are doing, show us your floor and we will tell you what we will do to clean it!

After Event Clean

You have a party at your home, office, or workplace for a birthday, promotional celebration, or a New Years celebration. The last thing that you want to be doing later that night or first thing the next day is to clean up all the mess that was made by the party.

Instead of spending hours and hours cleaning up all the mess that has been made, you can give Clean Scene a call and have peace of mind knowing that we will have your home office or work place clear for you in no time at all.


Some of the services included in our After Event cleaning service are:


Sanitising bathroom and toilet facilities
Cleaning & disinfecting kitchen surfaces
Cleaning cupboard fronts
Cleaning worktops, sinks, window sills, mirrors
Vacuuming and washing of hard floors

We will also help with other After Event cleaning matters upon request such as spill & stain removal and carpet cleaning where necessary.

after builders clean

If you use Clean Scene Ltd for after builders cleaning in Glasgow, Edinburgh or anywhere else in the central belt of Scotland, we clean wherever the building work has taken place in your home.

If that’s in the kitchen, we’ll clean inside and outside cupboards, and all surfaces including the floor. We’ll also make sure your oven, fridge and microwave, and kitchen sink and taps shine, and clean inside windows.

We will also have your skirting boards, sockets and switches and door spotless.

If the work has taken place in any other room in the house, we’ll be just as thorough. In the bathroom, for example, we’ll scrub and disinfect your toilet, have your bath and shower area gleaming, scrub and de-scale the sink and polish the taps, clean mirrors, mop the floor, and clean the door.

Possible extras could include professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, and dealing with blinds or external windows.

Talk to us about your after builders cleaning requirements or contact us via the form on our website. Each client is unique and as such so is the service we provide.

driveway & patio clean

One of the first things visitors to your home notice is the pathway to your front door, but like most of us - who actually relishes the idea of cleaning their front drive or patio? Well instead of stooping to conquer that moss and weeds yourself, why not call in the Clean Scene Ltd.

In addition to just the appearance there are safety issues to be considered, paving and hard surfaces that have moss and grime build up can become extremely slippery when wet and be a real cause for concern especially for the older generation.

Clean Scene Ltd provide the expertise and relevant equipment required to fully restore hard landscaped driveway and patio areas in domestic properties using our hi-tech pressure steam washing machine.

mattress steam clean

Clean Scene Ltd offer a hygenic mattress cleaning service which provides a deep clean, hygienically sanitises and provides lasting protection to mattresses in the home by removing contaminants and odours and hidden allergens such as skin flakes, dust mites, bacteria and mould that lurk in your mattresses unseen by the human eye.

Our service:

  • Eliminates dust mites and skin flakes.
  • Eliminates bacteria and mould.
  • Deodorises and deep-cleans.
  • Is non-toxic - people & pet safe.
  • Excellent results guaranteed


Our mattress cleaning service is quick and easy and can be carried out at your convenience whether you are an individual or hotel the process is the same.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

moving house Cleaning

We provide cleaning and support services to various offices and commercial properties all over Glasgow, Edinburgh and the rest of central Scotland.

Our cleaners are professionally trained, carefully selected using our unique vetting procedures and ss and placed on site according to site specification and the client requirement - our office cleaning services are suitable for businesses of all sizes and are individually tailored according to each client's unique requirements.

Our primary goal is to provide a long lasting, professional relationship with our customers based on a joint commitment to continuously improve all aspects of the services we provide your business at the same time causing you the least amount of hassle.

For your office cleaning you can be guaranteed:

  • Professionally trained permanently employed staff
  • Fully supervised work
  • Close teamwork between operatives, supervisors and management.
  • Personalised approach
  • Regular customer feedback
  • 100% reliable and expert services across the board

As well as providing the usual cleanup of general office areas, floors, washrooms etc we also provide a regular telephone & IT equipment sanitizing service; as industry experts, we realise that telephones and keyboards are a major breeding ground for many types of bacteria and micro-organisms.

By providing this regular sanitizing service, we believe that the improvements in health and reduction in cross contamination between employees of things like colds, flu and stomach upsets plays a significant part in reducing your businesses losses caused by sickness and ill health.

In some cases, carrying out this simple task is more than enough to pay for our cleaning service. Feel free to contact us for more information.

settee & upholstery

When it comes to shops and retail outlets, your customers have high expectations!

Clean Scene understands this and how essential to your profitability that these high standards in cleanliness that modern customers are accustomed to, are met and maintained.

With over 30 years experience in the cleaning industry, you can rest assured that our services will not only meet these expectations but surpass them.

We will keep your store immaculate, shining floors, cleaning carpets, keeping restrooms spotless and your fitting rooms pristeen . . . all to ensure that your shoppers keep coming back for more.

For retail, cleaning services merit special attention, because your success can depend on your cleaning provider's expertise, we look at your cleaning needs from a retailer's perspective and tailor our services for each customers unique retail environment.

Whether it’s a short or long term contract or simply a one off deep clean for your own in house cleaning staff to manage the rest on a regular basis we can provide the service you require. We have worked in many retail outlets and provided our cleaning services to shops, car show rooms, shopping centres and small retailers all over Edinburgh, Glasgow and the rest of central Scotland – feel free to contact us with your requirements and let us worry about the rest.


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